3.0mm Laser-Lok Titanium Base Abutment

Item #: TP3TBL
Use for anterior cases that require a durable, highly esthetic solution. For cement-retained single and multi-unit prostheses. When a Laser- Lok component is used and temporarily removed, keep the component in sterile saline until reinserting into the site. Packaged with an abutment screw (PXAS). Titanium Alloy for strength. TiN coated for esthetics. Final torque: 30 Ncm. Note: TP3TBL has a 3.0mm platform connection, but the margins flare to 3.5mm. Note: See L02015-003 Handling of Laser-Lok Abutments for more information.
Product specifications
Indexing Hexed
Platform Diameter 3.0mm (Gray)
Abutment Type CAD/CAM