4.2mm x 18mm Tapered Implant Mountless, Laser-Lok, RBT

Item #: BTA4218



BioHorizons new Tapered 4.2 implants feature aggressive, self-tapping buttress threads that provide progressive insertion torque and compressive loading for primary stability. The platform-switched Laser-Lok collar creates a connective tissue attachment and retains crestal bone. Tapered 4.2 implants use the BioHorizons 3.5mm conical internal hex connection, maintaining compatibility with existing components and can be placed using existing BioHorizons Tapered surgical kits or new Length drills.

Detail Sheet & Surgical Protocol

 PDF Icon   Tapered 4.2 detail sheet






Product specifications
Platform Diameter 3.5mm (Yellow)
Implant Style Tapered
Implant Style Platform Switch
Mount Option Mountless
Implant Style Bone Level
Surface Laser-Lok/RBT
Length 18mm
Body Diameter 4.2mm