Easy Ti Temp Abutment, 5.7mm, Non-hexed, Laser-Lok

Item #: PBETNL
Use non-hexed for multiple-unit, screw retained, long term temporary restorations (>30 days). When a Laser-Lok component is used and temporarily removed for impression making or other restorative procedures, keep the removed Laser-Lok component in sterile saline until reinserting into the site. Packaged with an abutment screw (PXAS). Titanium Alloy for strength. TiN coated for esthetics. Final torque: 30 Ncm. Refer to the Prosthetic Technique Manual (L02015) for appropriate handling techniques.
Product specifications
Surface Laser-Lok
Indexing Non-Hexed
Platform Diameter 5.7mm (Blue)
Material Titanium Alloy