Internal 3.5 Simp Sol Abut, 4.0 hgt, 1.8 Collar, Laser-Lok

Item #: PY4018L
GTIN: 00847236007294
Packaged with: Simple Solutions Abutment, Abutment Screw, and PEEK Healing Cap.For use with BioHorizons Internal and Tapered Internal implants. Simple Solutions Abutment Packs with Laser-Lok allow clinicians to provide their patients with cement-retained restorations in a minimal number of office visits. BioHorizons Laser-Lok technology is shown to inhibit epithelial downgrowth and preserve the coronal level of bone. The pre-tapered abutments are designed to be restored without additional preparation. Indicated for use with Zimmer ScrewVent and Tapered ScrewVent implants.
Collar Height 1.8mm
Abutment Height 4.0mm
Platform Diameter 3.5mm (Yellow)

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