Locator Abut Internal 4.5mm Plat, 2.0mm Cuff Hgt

Item #: PGLA2
Locator Implant Attachments are designed for use with overdentures or partial dentures retained in whole or in part by dental implants in the mandible or maxilla. Order by cuff height to match the height of the gingival tissue. The abutment will extend above the tissue by 1.8mm to allow the Locator Male to seat completely. Order one Locator Male Processing Set for each Locator Abutment (sold in packs of 2 or 10). Can also be used with tissue-level implants. Titanium Alloy. The Male Processing Package provides 3 choices of retention. The Replacement Males (clear, pink and blue) are used to restore implants with up to 10° of divergence (20° between implants). The Extended Range Replacement Males (green and red) accommodate divergences from 10° and 20° (40° between implants), and may be purchased separately.
Collar Height 2mm
Platform Diameter 4.5mm (Green)

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