Single-stage Implant RBT, Laser-Lok 5.0 x 12mm, 4.5mm Platform

Item #: LSGR5012
Precision engineered Laser-Lok collar shown to promote oblique connective tissue attachment, much like a natural tooth. Biomechanical thread design shown to provide higher bone-to-implant contact and reverse-torque than other common thread designs.  The 1.8mm permucosal portion of the implant has a 1.0mm machined collar followed by Laser-Lok microchannels for soft tissue attachment.  The implant is packaged with a 2mm high Healing Abutment.  Resorbable Blast Texturing (RBT) roughened titanium alloy.  The internal connection is 1.5mm deep internal hex, lead-in bevel and Spiralock® screw technology.